Friday, April 2, 2010

Bedroom - Part 2

Last time around, I showed you the room I started with, and the new paint colour.  What I didn't show you was the VERY first update I made - the mattress.  It was a long time coming, but I finally bit the bullet a couple months ago and splurged on a super plush mattress.  I now think of it as my princess bed, because I feel like a princess every time I sleep in it (even now, months later!).  The cushiness just feels like luxury - definitely a worthwhile splurge!

Anyway, now it's time to add in some of the details.  What I wanted for this room was a warm and cozy retreat.  Layers of soft grays, taupes, and purple shades, with some modern and girly touches to balance things out (stay tuned for those).

First up, I needed bedding to go with the new colour scheme:

I couldn't find a duvet cover that I liked, in the right colour, for less that $70 (and most were more than that).  Since this bedroom makeover was on a serious budget (especially after the mattress splurge!), that just wouldn't do.  I made this one out of a couple of sheets, for about $15, so that fit the bill!


Oh, and check out the cute lamp I found, that had all the right colours on the shade:

Not only that, but it only cost me $5 (after using a gift card), AND it was short enough to fit under the slope of the ceiling - a tall order, as it turns out! :)

Still to come:  replacing the overhead light fixture, a little window dressing, and a small chair, perhaps?


  1. Wow, that is an impressive duvet cover you created! I didn't realize your gray wall was not all over the room, I really like the two-toned look. Very cozy in there. Having a fan behind the bed is rather genius, as well.

  2. Thanks! The 'two-toned' look isn't really by choice. All my upstairs rooms have a wall like that - where the ceiling basically slopes all the way to the floor, with no real definition between ceiling and wall. I guess I could paint the ceiling with the wall colour, but I figured that might be a bit too dark.
    And the fan is essential. Not because it's hot here (it almost never is), but because I can't sleep without the white noise!

  3. Looks so lovely. I love the photos. It's real 'sharp', as my mom would say.

  4. Kerry, congrats on a beautiful new room! I'm so intrigued by your duvet cover! Would you please post (or send me a link to) good instructions on how to make a similar one? Thanks!

  5. Thanks :)
    It was pretty straightforward - just two flat sheets sewn together, with a long zipper sewn in at one end. A simple flat sheet was a bit boring, I thought, so I sewed in some narrow pin tucks to make it more interesting. Basically it was just measure-fold-press-sew-press-repeat. A LOT :) A bit tedious, but I still love (and use) the result more than three years later, so I think it was worth it!


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