Sunday, September 13, 2009

oh the glamour

It's been a busy weekend! In addition to the never-ending dirt shovelling and concrete mixing going on in the front yard (ok, I lie, the end is finally in sight with that one! I'll post when it's complete), today I swapped out my old, inefficient, construction adhesive-marred, frequently running toilet for a new 'low-flow' model.

out with the old:

and in with the new!:

Do try to ignore the floor (like I do!) - it's damaged and needs to go, but I want to finish up all these 'energy' improvements first. Once I get all those rebate dollars back I can move on to 'prettier' projects like tiling the bathroom floor.

All that painting and stuff will still be lots of work, I know, but it's definitely not like today's job. Because we all know about toilets, right? Gross.


  1. That's another one I'll need to do!
    Have you thought about painting the floors? If you're going to put tile in anyways, it wouldn't hurt to see what they would look like painted. I think white wood floors look really nice.

  2. Hi Kasey,
    I thought about painting the floors, because I like that look too. But
    my plan is to eventually rip out the wood just in the bathroom, replace it with tile, and then reuse the non-damaged pieces to repair a couple of damaged spots elsewhere. I think I'm stuck with it for awhile! :)


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