Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wonder Why?

Despite statistics that show that 'everybody's doing it', people often seem to suggest that it's strange that I, as a single woman, have chosen to buy a house on my own. The most 'puzzling' question I've been asked so far in my four-plus months as a homeowner was simply 'Why?' As in "You live here alone? But WHY??!" (with an underlying tone of 'Are you crazy?!')

How do I answer that?
- I hated wasting money on rent?
- I suddenly found myself without a place to live, and had to quickly decide to 'jump' into the housing market, ready or not?
- I was approaching 30 and it seemed like the next logical step?
- the time was right (low interest rates, slow economy, etc.)?
- because I believe that owning real estate is an important step toward financial security?
- I'm tired of dealing with landlords?

It's funny, but the question caught me off guard and really made me think, because, although the answer is all of these reasons and more, the truth is I don't care why anymore - I'm just so very glad I'm here.

Is it scary, lonely, overwhelming, exhausting to do this on my own? Yes, yes, and yes. But also empowering, exciting, and more personally gratifying than I even imagined, and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.

Anyone else want to tell me they think I'm crazy? :)

(oh, and 10 points to anyone who caught the title's reference to the old ATV/CTV educational show with Richard Zurawski!)


  1. When I was in the process of buying my condo a few years ago, my old fashioned mother said that single girls don't need to own homes. She thought I was buying a place in hopes of upstaging my brothers, who were married and were having babies. As if a condo can trump a baby.

    Some people are really stuck in the past, aren't they?

  2. That is an interesting question. I bought my little vintage townhouse by myself 7 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did! I had a very supportive Dad who said go for it and a Mom who thought I was making a mistake buying a foreclosure property but who has since seen what I've done and changed her mind! Other then that, no one else really cared what I did or maybe I never really stopped to notice because I was so busy living the life I wanted! The next question I have for myself in my life is since I'm still single and want children, should I have one on my own?? Now that I'm sure would get people talking! haha

  3. Um, is it weird that I ask myself that question sometimes... maybe it's because I'm soooo exhausted all the time from doing the work on my own. I get so jealous reading the married couple blogs where they split up the dirty work!
    I really am happy that I bought the house, just not sure why I decided to tear it apart!!

  4. As someone who started buying and renovating homes as an unmarried girl in my early twenties, I TOTALLY GET WHAT THIS. Anyway, very nice blog! Thanks for joining mine!

    (By the way, almost a decade later, I'm still going strong at it.)


  5. Fortunately, everyone close to me has been super-supportive of this move (and very helpful!). Mostly it's the random people who don't actually know me who seem to think it's strange. (I guess maybe that's a good thing, suggesting that those who know me well, know I can handle it?)
    And Kasey, I totally get that - every once in a while when I'm exhausted yet still slaving away at some particularly odious chore, I think about how much easier it would be to SPLIT the labour with someone else. But fortunately, that thought doesn't come along too often! :)

  6. I am single too (divorced) and I get that all the time. I am on the Board of a Guild and had the Executive here one night, so these were people that didn't know me ... and they all couldn't get over why I had a house and so much space when there was "JUST YOU". Tossing aside the financial reasons ... why do people think that you have to live in a tiny condo if you are alone. I love the space I have ... a living and dining room for entertainment, a family room for TV ... master bedroom, second bedroom for an office/craft room, and a guest room. Just because you are single, you shouldn't have to settle or wait for the white knight and perfect family ... Life is now. Live the way you want.

  7. I love your blog! I was a single mom, and I did buy my first house at the age of 23.... with my 3 year old daughter in toe. We learned how to do everything together. I loved every second of it! Now, I'm married and am still doing most of the household repairs. As hard as it was, as much as the comments of... "owning is hard work, isn't it?" still bothers me, I can say I did it. There are only a handful of people in this world that would face that challenge. We are in good company ladies! Your home is looking gorgeous! Great job!


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