Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Last Thing...

I know I said my bedroom was (finally) finished, but there was one last detail I wanted to take care of.  There wasn't much furniture in the room (just the bed), so I wanted to add a small chair (even if it's just a place to pile clothes on, let's be honest!).

I picked up this 'lovely' little number at a Salvation Army thrift store for just $4.99(!):

 Add a bit of fabric, a bit of sewing, and a staple gun, and...

 Still loving the layers of colour!  :)


  1. Oh, I love the shape and legs of that chair. Great job on the redo!

  2. I would have pounced on that chair like I was rabid! What great bones, and you did a terrific job making it into a stand out. I also have a thing for sequined pillows.

    Thanks for popping by today and commenting. I always love a chance to meet a new blog!

  3. I'm a tiny bit behind on my blog reading, but I wanted to comment and say that this chair is GORGEOUS. and I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that pillow.

  4. Thanks! :) The pillow was a bit of a DIY project all its own... it started out as a big square grey pillow, with the sequins 'dripping' into the plain centre from the top and bottom edges like icicles (which is probably why it was considered 'christmas-y', and was only $3 after the holidays!). I ripped and cut and sewed and made the sequins the focus, and like it much much better now!


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