Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For My Dad: A Deck-laration

O happy day, it's finally finished!!

As I think I've mentioned before, I don't usually like to write about unfinished projects. And currently the front of my house is a bit of a mess as I work to scrape (and repaint, before it gets too cold) a section of it. But at long last, the new front deck is finished, and I've had a special request from Dad (without whom this deck would never have been possible!) to post pics of this project that's taken up much of the past two months of both our lives.
And I can't really argue with him - after so much hard work, it's time to show off the fruits of our labour!

In case you need a refresher, here's what the front looked like when I bought the house:

notice the original deck: tiny, rotten, and utterly useless

I wrote about a bit of an update a year ago (at the conclusion of another long project with Dad), and (drumroll please!) here's how it looks today:

please disregard the unpainted wall! :)

Ooooh... Ahhhhhh....You should see it at night, when light from inside shines out through the slats. Love it!

Since I moved in, three new houses have been built beside mine (all are to the right in the above picture), so one goal with the deck was to maintain a bit of privacy, so that I'll actually want to use this new outdoor space. (It's a good size - the main part is about 9'x11' - so I want to enjoy it!) Another goal was not to look too 'cookie-cutter', or like all the boring decks on new builds like the ones next door. To that end, I designed a railing that I think is a bit more modern and unique, and does a great job of screening the deck from the street and nearby houses.

Obviously I've still got lots of landscaping and clean-up to do (after that wall gets painted!), but this was another major step in converting what used to be the back of the house into a proper front entry. Plans for next year include moving the front door - we positioned the new stairs right in front of where I want it to go!

So, Dad: once again thank you. I learned a lot, and definitely couldn't have done it without you! And now that we're done, you've got to admit - it was at least a little bit fun, right?! :)  Love you!

As for everyone else, what do you think? I really like that it looks unique, but do you think anyone else will (ie. future owners of my home)?  Does it look more like the front of a house now?


  1. Are you going to paint or stain the railing? A color would help with curb appeal until you are able to paint the whole house (which I think was on your long-range list of things to do). And I can't wait to see how great it will look with the door moved!

    Great job of cutting the job into manageable pieces and planning ahead for the long-term goal.


  2. Thanks, Cheryl! Staining the whole thing is definitely part of the plan. It'll have to wait 'til the spring, though, because the days are getting too cold to do it now (I'm already worried I might not get another day warm & dry enough to get that wall repainted!)
    The upside is the deck'll have a chance to weather a bit over the winter, which I'm hoping will even out the colour variations in the pressure-treated lumber a bit.

  3. Yay! It looks awesome. Good call on making it big so you can actually use it. I think some house numbers and some landscaping (and of course painting the wall) will do the trick!

    And I'm dying to click on the link about converting the back to the front, but it seems to be broken. Are you planning to move the door?

  4. Thanks for letting me know about that link, Amanda! I think I've got it fixed, so have a look! :)
    As for the house numbers, check out this post:

    I had to move them to scrape that wall, but once I've repainted they'll go right back up!

  5. I love it. It's obviously a giant improvement from a year ago!!

  6. Awesome job! Can't wait to warm it up!!!


  7. Wow, this is a great project - I love the horizontal rails, so unique! Once it's stained, it will be a wonderful focal point for your house. I love it!

  8. Gone is the tiny rotten deck – that’s refreshing to see. While it's true that you still had a lot of landscaping and clean-up to do, but this is good for starters. I suppose now you’re done with it, though. How did it turn out? Gary @

  9. I suggest you paint the railings if you haven’t yet. Or, if you’re on a budget, add some colorful plants and flowers to decorate it. Anyway, the landscape of your front yard looks promising. Don’t you want to expand your deck? Sol @


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