Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cuts Like a Knife

Here's a crafty 'problem-solver' that I can't take any credit for at all. It's all over the internet, with pricey designer versions here, here, and variations well, everywhere... and tutorials to make it yourself here and here.

The 'problem' was that I had more knives than I had slots in my knife block. It happens, right? Well this DIY knife block has no 'slots', so it can accomodate as many knives as I want!

I found a stylin' bamboo box at Value Village for $2 (I seem to be doing well there lately!), and stocked up on a few packages of bamboo skewers from the dollar store.

After a fair bit of trimming, here's what I ended up with:

Not too shabby, eh?! A designer look for a fraction of the cost. That's my kind of craft project!


  1. You're pretty amazing, and under utilized and appreciated. You and your friend should start your own business, I'd bet you do pretty well.

    1. I hope you took that anon's^ comment to heart & started a business with your friend; even if it was just diying/renovating & blogging full-time. I'm only now finding your stuff, but I think it speaks volumes that, almost a decade later, this diy full holds up, in both affordability and taste. Also, I find it hilarious that, after all this time, all of the sources you credit in the first paragraph either 404 or redirect to a long kitchen product list with nothing akin to this knife block. That wasn't meant as a dig at you & your sourcing, I honestly found it funny/interesting as this is the first version of this block I've ever come across; I think it's marvelous and am planning on making one myself. Thank you for sharing this diy!


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