Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kicked to the Curb

Yep, I must still be high on spray paint fumes! Here comes another fun one:

After an eventful evening last week involving a soccer game, a trip to the ER, and a couple of stitches - yikes! - my friend Mish and I took a little detour on the way home to do some curb shopping (when we happen upon a neighbourhood's garbage night, we can't resist!).

Look what I found:
They're a little weathered, but they're cute, and small enough to fit on my deck, so I figured I'd help them out with a bit of glossy paint to ward off the elements (the fun colour choice was just for me!)

There, they should last a while longer now!


  1. Love the color - I love pink & green together. a fav color combo!

  2. I love them! You have a great eye for potential- I can't wait to see how that transfers to the rest of the house!


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