Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Very Big Day

Before today, my house had zero insulation. None. Well, a useless sprinkling of it in the attic, but nothing in the walls at all. Can you imagine building a house with NO insulation in it?!
Anyway, that all changed today...

Here they are, blowing insulation into the attic and sloped ceilings very early this morning (before it got too hot up there to work).

The house around midday, riddled with holes...

And by the end of the day, from the outside you wouldn't even know they'd been here! But the inside is a much different story - it's SO much cooler!! I'm so excited to have this finished - and even more excited that the government will cover the work (through the ecoENERGY retrofit rebate program)!!

Isn't it crazy how priorities can change? Who'd have thought I'd ever get this excited about INSULATION? :)

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