Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009. A year full of highs and lows, it was the very best of times, and the worst, often all at once.

I bought a house, (started a blog!), turned thirty, and lost a job.
spoke up. kept quiet.
laughed. cried.
succeeded. failed. persevered.
found the silver lining.

faced fears. conquered obstacles. embraced change.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Decking the Halls

Sorry for going AWOL for a while there, but work on the house has had to be put on hold for a bit in the lead up to the holidays. I've spent most of the past few weeks in my studio doing my Christmas 'making' (definitely not to be confused with Christmas baking) - both gifts to give and several custom sewing orders for others to give to their family and friends. One upside(?) is that it's given me lots of time to think about all the changes I want to make to that room, so watch for that in the new year!

Anyway, for now I thought I'd share a few pics of how I've decorated for my first Christmas in the house...

I got my craft on one day and made some mod paper ornaments to hang in the front window. (An idea borrowed from here.)

Inspired by this, here's a wreath I made as a gift for someone. Someone I don't think reads this blog. I guess we'll see! :) I love it, and am tempted to keep it for myself, but I'll just have to make another one when I have a bit more free time!

In lieu of the traditional garland on my very narrow staircase, I opted for a simple ribbon:

And finally, the tree. Due to general busy-ness and the as yet un-organized/un-decorated state of my living room, I contemplated not putting it up this year. But I'm glad I did - nothing beats the light of a Christmas tree! (big thanks to mish (the ribbon guru) for all of her tree-decorating assistance - ribbon-related and otherwise!).

And a special gift from these guys to commemorate this milestone, which I thought was very, very sweet of them :)

(reads: First Christmas in the New Home, 2009)

Happy Holidays!