Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Giveaway

Ok, so this post isn't exactly 'house-related', but everyone loves getting something for free (right?), so I wanted to share... Thrifty Little Blog is hosting a great big Christmas giveaway, and one of the handmade items I sell is part of it!
Check out the giveaway here. You only have until Nov. 23rd at noon (Central time) to enter, so don't wait!

And because no post is complete without something to look at, here's a shot of the item I'm giving away (so you don't have to play Where's Waldo among all the other great prizes!)

Cashmere Gift Card Holder - Lotus


  1. I totally missed the giveaway - but that gift card holder is so adorable!!

  2. PS- thank you for doing the giveaway! Of all the giveaways I've entered, this was one of the ones I most wished to win- and I did! Wahooo!!!!


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