Thursday, September 19, 2013

Take it Outside

Finally back to working on the house, and have some outside progress to reveal! 

A little reminder, here's what the front side looked like when I moved in (2009):

A major improvement (the deck!) was made the following summer, and now this:

behr pewter ring

We're finally in the process of repainting the siding, and changing it to the grey colour I'd envisioned all along (Behr's Pewter Ring), and I LOVE IT.  So much.  Love how the thick white trim pops now.

behr pewter ring

Only the front side is painted so far (hence the strategically angled pics!), but we're hoping to get a second side done this year before it gets too cold, and then finish up next summer (basically only two sides can be seen by anyone who isn't trespassing in the yard, so I'm ok with waiting to finish!).

Don't mind the ugly 'under the deck' view.  I still haven't figured out what to put there to screen it - I really don't want to resort to boring lattice, but haven't come up with a DIY alternative yet.  Suggestions are welcome! :)

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