Monday, November 23, 2009

Making an Entrance

So I finally finished my entryway. Here's what it looked like before:

It was the only 'room' in the whole house that hadn't been painted before I bought it. Combine that with the rickety shelves, the sagging wooden closet rod, the large cracks in the plaster caused by jacking it up this past summer:

and the holes made by the electrician who wired in an outside light for me:

and it definitely needed some TLC. What followed was a couple weeks of patching, mudding, taping, mudding, sanding, mudding, sanding, repeat. Here's a 'work in progress' shot:

And finally, the end result:

A fresh coat of paint on walls & ceiling, new shelves and closet rod, the new light, and some DIY key hooks.
Oh, and those stylin' rubber boots aren't there just to look pretty - they're a necessity when it comes time to clean garbage out of the ravine next to my house! :)

Now THIS I want to come home to.

**Update: for those of you who join me in a love of thrift, here's the cost breakdown:
repairing the walls $47.04
paint $23.32
decor $34.48 (includes light fixture, closet rod, shelves, key hooks, etc)
Total: $104.84


  1. It looks excellent! Very clean and chic :o)

  2. Holy cow, that looks so much better! What a cool entryway.

  3. looks fabulous! and great little purple purse!


  4. Yay!!! It looks amazing- The matching hangers are extra classy :). I'm dying to see what you come up with next. I guess I'll have to seeing as that's the name of your blog and all...

  5. very contemporary!

    Are your shelves a floating system? Do you know how much weight they can hold (I'm looking at options for my den/guest room)

    Thanks! Marie

  6. Thanks, Marie! Nope, not floating shelves. These shelves are just regular MDF shelving cut to length and installed on top of some wood trim I used as supports on either side. Then I trimmed out the front of each shelf with some 1x2 boards, to make them look a bit more substantial.


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